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Extra resources

A lot of fans have compiled a bunch of different resources relating to Pathologic and its fandom. These are mainly collected from posts I've seen on social media as well as links I've seen passed around on Discord servers.

Official Pathologic Wiki - One of the best resources on the web for information about the Pathologic games. Much of what I don't cover here is covered over on the wiki, so if you didn't already know about it, go check it out!

Pathologic Easter eggs and references - One of a few wiki pages that you kinda have to look for to find. An organized list of some neat little easter eggs you can find in Pathologic, as well as references to Pathologic in other media!

Pathologic User Stories - User stories written by the developers of Pathologic 2. User stories are used in software development to describe the goals/features of a program from the perspective of the end user as opposed to the developer.

Classic HD Emotion Animations Chart - "the files of Pathologic Classic HD handle character expressions by assigning each NPC four or five animation scripts, which are stored under the name of the corresponding emotion. all characters’ files have a “Neutral” state, and while there’s a lot of overlap for emotions like “Smile” and “Fear”, many characters have unique ones!" This doc also has a few extra neat details in separate spreadsheets. (credit to rathologic on tumblr)

Pathologic Translation Project (TPT) Glossary - A glossary of names, terms, and other words from the first Pathologic all sorted in a table. It includes the original Russian, accepted/unaccepted translations, and a brief description of the term's meaning/significance. This was actually a semi-official project, given the participation of Aleksey Luchin (The LxR) in the forum section dedicated to it.

Pathologic Dialogue Trees - Here you can find every single line of dialogue in both Pathologic Classic HD and Pathologic 2 neatly organized in a branching format (just like in the game!) As of right now, it includes all the dialogue in Classic HD, Pathologic 2's Haruspex Route, and the Marble Nest DLC.

Pathologic Classic HD Transcription - A simplified transcription of all the dialogue in Pathologic Classic HD following the dialogue branches that give you the most information. It does not include every single line of dialogue in the game, but is well-organized by route, day, and quest which makes for a much more streamlined reading experience :^) (credit to franphobic on twitter)

Pathologic 2 Lines Table - An extremely thorough rip of all the written lines from Pathologic 2, including the Marble Nest DLC and unused lines. This includes EVERYTHING, including item text, mind map descriptions, line IDs from the files... There is a clearer explanation of what is included in the opening page. Keep in mind the original compiler says this document is better viewed in Excel.

Cut Dialogue from Pathologic (2005) - An English translation of cut dialogue from the original Pathologic, originally provided by Aleksey Luchin on his LiveJournal. These were all just placeholder lines, although some of the meanings were carried on in their final forms.

Steppe Language Dictionary - An organized and evolving fan-maintained dictionary of words/phrases used in the game's fictional Steppe language. There is a short introduction to the document explaining how the dictionary was made and how it is maintained.

Patho Classic File Unpacker - Again, exactly what it says on the tin. This program allows you to view the Pathologic game files in easily viewable formats, which is a helpful tool for anyone interested in modding the game. Admittedly, I haven't used this before, but this user made a Tumblr post explaining how he used it to rip and edit the game textures.

Pathologic Classic HD Modding Document - A SUPER comprehensive guide to making mods for Pathologic Classic HD. The author intended for this to be accessible enough for anyone who wants to mod the game, so there's alot of detail here! (credit to KyoraKitty on twitter)

Pathologic Modding Wiki - An entire Wiki dedicated to documenting the different tools, guides, and other information for modding the different versions of Pathologic. Extremely, extremely thorough and still being updated1

How To Run Pathologic Classic HD on Linux - What it says on the tin. I did this little writeup based on hours of research, destroying my kernel, and an unwillingness to keep switching between my OS partitions on my computer.

Pathologic (2005) Website Archive - An archive of the official Pathologic (2005) website. There are mainly updates about the game's progress, some commentary from the developers/artists and some extra neat little tidbits provided by Ice-Pick Lodge themselves.

Ice-Pick Lodge Website Archive - An archive of the old Ice-Pick Lodge website. There's a bunch of random information about different IPL related things on the site, including the studio manifesto.

Patho Nicknames - A neat little doc with a list of possible nicknames for the Bound. For your own fun use and probably helpful for fanfic writers as well!

Thanatica Labs - A remake of the Thanatica Labs website, which was a teaser site Ice-Pick Lodge put online some time preceding the release of the Marble Nest demo.

Pathologic 2 Herb & Brewing Guide - An illustrated guide to herbs and brewing tinctures in Pathologic 2. This basically has everything you'd need to know, like herb locations and which herbs go together to make which tinctures. It's super helpful! (credit to maxbanshees on twitter)

Pathologic 2 Blender Model Tutorial - "These pages contain information on how to download, unpack, set up, pose, and render rotten-eye's Pathologic 2 models in Blender." It's another super in-depth guide with lots of visual aids. Useful for potential animators or people who just wanna make the characters do silly poses. (credit to maxbanshees on twitter)

Interactive Changeling Route - An interactive version of the Changeling route made in Twine! This was made for people who don't want to play Clara's route in the original Pathologic, but still would like to experience it ... and in an ADHD-friendly way :^) Adapted from the Pathologic Classic HD Transcription. (credit to mel and fran)

Pathologic (2006) Haruspicus Playthrough Writeup - A written version of the original Pathologic told from the perspective of the Haruspex/Haruspicus. This is pretty cool, it seems to serve as a overview of the Haruspex route with enough detail omitted to entice new players. (credit to dan from pre-dead)

Pathologic (2006) Devotress Playthrough - An older playthrough of the original Pathologic from the Devotress/Changeling's perspective, originally posted on Something Awful forums. It is comprehensively written in a narrative format (with visuals!) and has been retranslated by the author. Very cool!

Pathologic sorter - A just-for-fun website that makes a list of your favorite to least favorite characters based on your choices.