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A drawing of a man with tan skin wearing a red beanie, red and brown button-up sweater, dark grey cargo pants, and brown clogs. His hair is styled in dark thickly-clumped curls that reach his shoulders. He has a tired, relaxed expression on his face.

Name: Mura

Gender: Transmasc (he/they)

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Ethnicity: Mixed Afro-Russian

Occupation: Tailor

Interests: Tailoring clothes, singing

Voice: Soft and casual. A bit breathy, inhales a bit before most lines and speaks through sighs. Almost like he’s out of breath or something.

Personality: Very laid-back and relaxed, albeit somewhat lethargic. They're very friendly, and tend to overlook any rude comments or sarcastic remarks and respond to things very genuinely. Sometimes they have a hard time following long explanations or complex terminology, and frequently speak in vague and symbolic language. They tend to relate most situations back to their work as a tailor. Optimistic almost to a fault..

General backstory:

Mura had been living in the Town for three years by the time Artemy arrived. They used to live in a larger town and worked producing clothes in the factory, since that was the local industry. He had caught wind of the opportunistic ventures of the Stamatin brothers in town-on-gorkhon, and moved there to have a better, less industrial environment to tailor clothes in. they quickly made friends with the stamatins, who helped them find work and encouraged their original creations.

He had an alright reputation at first, but as he grew closer to Andrey and Grief, people became a bit more wary of them. However, it was more of a slight hesitation rather than outright isolation. Their connections to the Utopians kept them in the Town’s good graces. Once the second outbreak hit, they abandoned their shop and sought out help from Bad Grief to continue their work in private. His main concern was being locked up by Saburovs for having shady connections and being arrested by association. Grief was able to clear him a room where another shady merchant was located, and Mura was able to continue their business, albeit with generally less reputable customers coming through.

The children like Mura because he always has interesting stories to tell and loves to hear their own stories as well. He gets along fairly well with the Soul-and-a-Halves.

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