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A drawing of a tall man with tan skin wearing a grey button-up open to expose his chest, brown slacks, and grey boots. His hair is styled in long, greying locs parted on the left. He has bags under his eyes and is scowling.

Name: Kostya (Konstantin)

Gender: Transmasc (he/him)

Age: 32

Height: 6'0"

Ethnicity: Mixed Afro-Russian

Occupation: Repairman (previously a construction worker)

Interests: Resting, tinkering with stuff, fishing

Voice: Harsh and raspy. People would say he has a smoker’s voice, which isn’t exactly wrong. He always sounds mad, even if he isn’t. He forces a softer tone around children.

Personality: Extremely irritable and appears tired, but actually has a lot of pent-up energy. He used to be fairly relaxed but immediately became hostile once the plague began. He has an extreme distrust of authority and feels a strong need to protect the common folk, which frequently shows itself through him lashing out against people he sees as being black-hearted and unconcerned with everyone’s well-being. He has a soft spot for Mura and the children though and is more protective of them than anyone else.

General backstory:

Kostya moved to Town-on-Gorkhon three years before Mura. He lived in the same town as Mura ever since they were children. He mainly stayed behind to keep Mura company but left because he reached the breaking point when it came to dealing with the unhealthy dynamics in his family (mother, father, three brothers). He headed off to the Town in hopes he would be untraceable to his family and lead a nice, quiet life. He would frequently send letters to Mura.

He disliked the rich neighborhoods in the rest of the town as well as the local authorities and slowly built a good reputation amongst the Kin, factory workers and drunks. He lives in Earth close to Rubin and Aspity’s homes, both of whom he met and befriended a few days after moving in. He wasn’t particularly on anyone’s radar until the plague hit, where he became a feared presence to anyone who wasn’t already familiar with him and a wanted target by the ruling families.

“Kostya might seem a little grumpy, but it’s him that made me want to try and help people. I’ve known him for years, so it may come as a surprise, but within him is a clouded mind, a troubled soul, and a beautiful heart... It reminds me of that saying, ‘Don’t hurt the people someone loves, for he will go on loving, but he will hate you.’ Ah, wait, I might have misremembered it… But, that’s what principle I think guides him.”

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