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Official soundtracks

Pathologic (2005, Classic HD)

The soundrack for the original Pathologic was composed by Andriesh Gandrabur. Since there is no official release of the original Pathologic (2005) soundtrack, I put together an archive of all the songs featured in the game + 10 unused tracks as a bonus. The files have metadata tagged accordingly for easy browsing in your music player of choice. Check the notes.txt file for details on the bonus tracks.

Pathologic (2005) Original Soundtrack + Bonus Tracks

If you don't want a download, here are some Youtube playlists where you can stream most of the songs.

Pathologic 2

The soundtrack for Pathologic 2 was composed by neo-folk band Theodor Bastard and Ice-Pick Lodge's resident composer Vasiliy "Mushroomer" Kashnikov. There are two official releases of the soundtrack, so there won't be any free downloads here. You can get Theodor Bastard's portion of the soundtrack (physical & digital) on their Bandcamp page and the full soundtrack (digital) on Steam and GOG.

If you just wanna stream the music, you can stream Utopia on Spotify and the full soundtrack on Youtube.

Pathologic Tabletop

Yep, the tabletop also has an official soundtrack! No credit is given on the official website, but it's safe to assume this track was composed by Mushroomer.

Pathologic Tabletop OST

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