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This section is for everything I wouldn't necessarily consider a game asset, but still want to make available for download on here! Everything on here has come from an official source or otherwise been downloaded to and tested on my personal computer. No worries about malware here, folks!


Pathologic (2005) Soundtrack + Bonus Tracks

Pathologic Tabletop OST

Game downloads

No full game downloads here, buddy! Buy the game and support the developers!

Pathologic 2 Demo (April 2019)

Pathologic 2 Alpha (September 2018)

Marble Nest English Demo

Marble Nest Russian Demo

Pathologic (2005) German Demo

Pathologic (2005) English Demo

Pathologic (June 2004) Russian Alpha

Pathologic (June 2002) Russian Alpha/Tech Demo

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Pathologic (2005) English Manual

Pathologic (2005) Russian Manual

Pathologic (2005) German Manual

Pathologic (2005) English Walkthrough

Pathologic (2005) Russian Walkthrough

Tabletop Resources

Pathologic Tabletop Card Scans (English)

Pathologic Tabletop English Rules

Pathologic Tabletop Russian Rules

Plague Notepad Page (English)

Plague Notepad Page (Russian)

Pathologic Tabletop OST