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Pathologic 2 Developer Diaries

A series of articles published on Dystopia, a Russian publishing house, on the development of Pathologic 2.

Real people don't jump by Nikolay Dybowski [archive]

About the implementation of jumping.

Permissive inclination by Alphyna [archive]

About the implementation of quest/errand mechanics.

Save and Save by Nikolay Dybowski [archive]

About saving.

Partisans by Nikolay Dybowski [archive]

About NPC behavior (or lack thereof).

Native Speech by Nikolay Dybowski [archive]

About dialogue.

Laura's Suitcase by Alphyna [archive]

About game lore.

Interviews and developer articles

[PDF] In the Society of Dead Poets (English) by Carl Johan-Johanssen

A 44 page article on Pathologic from a now-defunct Swedish video game magazine. There's a lot here... about the game, it's development, the history of Ice-Pick Lodge. A fantastic read all around.

"The game is a new form of thinking": interview with Nikolay Dybowski [russian archive]

An interview with Nikolay Dybowski, the head of Ice-Pick Lodge, reflecting upon the early days of the studio's founding and game development in general.

Ice-Pick Lodge on the many lives of Pathologic by Olivia Cottrell

An interview with Ivan Slovtsov about the Pathologic 2 Kickstarter.

“Sometimes it’s more beneficial to lose a war than to win it...”: big interview with IPL about Pathologic [russian archive]

An interview from DTF with the developers of Pathologic 2 regarding the sequel's development and commercial failure.

“Ice-Pick Lodge is alive and not going to die”: a talk with Pathologic creators — on motivation and future projects. [russian archive]

Another DTF interview with Ice-Pick Lodge, further exploring the state of the studio and Pathologic 2's reception.

Pathologic - An Inside Look [russian archive]

Another interview from DTF with Aleksandra “alphyna” Golubeva, one of the narrative designers for Pathologic, about how the game was written along with other meta talk.

Ayrat Zakirov from Ice-Pick Lodge — on Bugulma, memory and his new game. [russian archive]

An interview with Ayrat Zakirov, the CTO of Ice-Pick Lodge, about his life and experiences with game design, among other things.

The Void - The mysterious project from the creators of "Pathologic", Questions and Answers (Part 1) [russian archive]

The first of a three-part interview with Nikolay Dybowski where he answers questions about the studio's second game, The Void. In this first part, he gives a few interesting bits of trivia about Pathologic, like where the game's title originated from.

Secrets Of The Ice-Pick Lodge: Pathologic Reimagined by Adam Smith [archive]

An article from the time of the Kickstarter announcement featuring some details about the game from Ivan Slovtsov and Alexandra Golubeva, mainly about the translation.

No Fun by Ivan Slovtsov [archive]

The lead game designer and producer of Pathologic 2 shares his thoughts on games being "fun".

Analysis and others

"On Path of Logic" by Egor Sonin [russian archive]

A very detailed history of the development of Pathologic, beginning from the initial idea for Pathologic (2005) leading up to the intial release of Pathologic 2 and some of the events that followed.

Pathologic and the Russian people's soul by Carl Johan-Johanssen [archive]

An exploration of Pathologic (2005) and its deeply embedded themes of Utopia, mainly drawing comparisons to Thomas More's Utopia. The article is in Swedish, but reads fine if you run it through Google Translate.

Pathologic 2: Who Inherits the Earth? by Reno Evangelista [archive]

Analysis of Pathologic 2's characters, themes of postcolonialism, and how it ties into the endings.

Pathologic and The Disease of Language by Bartłomiej Musajew [archive]

An article about how "the world of Pathologic has to be learned like a language" as well as the role of language within the game.

Difficult Stress by Yussef Cole [archive]

A piece about knowing our limits within the COVID-19 pandemic with many comparisons drawn to Artemy's journey in Pathologic 2.

A Travel Guide to the Town With No Name by Julie Muncy [archive]

A breakdown of the Town in Pathologic 2 and its importance to the characters, game mechanics, and everything else.

Removing the Mask by Reid McCarter [archive]

A piece about the mystery embedded within every aspect of Pathologic 2's world, all tied together by the Sand Pest plaguing it.

The World Unsettled by Lotus [archive]

A exploration of the endings in Pathologic 2 that challenges the idea of the Diurnal ending being the "good end".

Critical Compilation: Pathologic by Andrew Bailey [archive]

A curated highlight reel of different articles and writings about Pathologic.